Teaching the Holocaust from a Position of Strength

How to teach a traumatic event without traumatizing your students.

We focus on individuals, families, and communities that were lost in the Holocaust.

– Shulamit Imber, Head of Pedagogy, Yad Vashem

The Holocaust should be relevant to every person in every society.

– Dr. Na’ama Shik, International School of Holocaust Studies, Yad Vashem

Teaching the Holocaust from a Position of Strength

How to teach a Traumatic event without traumatizing your student.

Kovno Ghetto Orchestra

We need a new narrative. We must stop allowing the perpetrators to dictate the story to us. It’s time to listen to the voices of our ancestors.

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Jewish Woman during the Holocaust

We can teach the Holocaust without traumatizing our students if we teach the human story, put that story in context, and teach it in an age-appropriate way.

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High School in the Lodz Ghetto

We have many suggestions for great curriculum to use for all ages.  We also discuss whether you should use the standard texts, and when to bring in survivors or go to a Holocaust museum.

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This poignant and beautiful seder-like ceremony commemorates both the terrible things that occurred and the inner strength of our ancestors and those who helped them.

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Teaching the Holocaust from a Position of Strength

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Chanukah Westerbork 1943

When your children start to learn about the Holocaust, be it in Sunday school or regular school, they will come home to you with questions.

Here are some pointers on how to talk to your kids about the Holocaust.

Thank you to the teachers at the International School of Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem, for everything.

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